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Romans 6:17-18; 1:16-17

John 8:24; Ephesians 1:13

Acts 17:30-31

Romans 10:9-10;
 Acts 8:35-39

1 Peter 3:20-21;
 Acts 22:16;
Matthew 28:18-20

"Let us walk worthy

of the vocation

wherein we are called

with all lowliness and

meekness, long-suffering,

forebearing one another

in love and endeavoring

to keep the unity

of the Spirit

in the bond of peace."

Ephesians 4:1-3

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The late Minister Franklin D. R. Florence, I. committed his life to the task of preaching the Gospel. In his youth, he was one of the "boy preachers" who traveled extensively as teenagers with esteemed ministers such as Evangelist Marshall Keeble.
Prior to accepting the pastorate of the Central Church of Christ, he served as Pastor of the West Palm Beach Church of Christ in Florida, and for several years as the pastor of the Reynolds Street Church of Christ (now known as the North Greece Church of Christ).
Franklin D. R. Florence, I. is well known in the Rochester, New York Community and nationally as "Minister Florence," the name that became synonymous with his social activism as the first President of the F.I.G.H.T. Organization (Freedom-Independence-God-Honor-Today). 

His activism was fueled by his strong conviction that Christians and the church must be leaders in causes for social justice and equality. His conviction has not always been deemed favorable in many religious circles where the thought was (and often remains) that the church should separate itself from the social/political arena. 

Although Minister Florence is no longer with us, he continues to be remembered as a dynamic personality and visionary leader. He was blessed to see - and countless others to enjoy - the rewards of his social justice efforts. The Rochester community and area communities owe him a debt of gratitude for the sacrificial work he did in helping to open doors to fair employment and subsidized housing. He was also a consistent voice and presence for quality academic and social education in our public school system. 

Minister Florence was also intricately involved in programs to improve correctional institutions, and he was one of the Ministers who labored so desperately to prohibit the massacre at the Attica Correctional Institution in the 1970's. His papers that document his involvement in this crusade and others are on file at the University of Rochester Library. 

As a spiritual man deeply committed to preaching the gospel, Minister Florence made many sacrifices for its furtherance. As a "Much-in-Demand" speaker, he was called to preach for gospel campaigns all over the United States. Untold numbers of people have committed their lives to Christ as a result of Minister Florence's "Scripturally Sound" preaching and teaching. Because of his knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, his spiritual insights, and his tenacity, he was frequently called to local and out-of-state congregations to help solve problems to bring about greater unity in the “Body of Christ.” 

In 2022, Minister Florence, along with Malcolm X and Former Legislator Connie Mitchell, was honored by the placement of a large mural on the East High School building. The mural depicts a picture of the three Civil Rights Leaders that was taken in 1965, when Malcolm X visited Rochester (NY).

Minister Clifford A. Florence, Sr. has done much to nurture the spiritual growth of the Central Congregation and to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ wherever he goes. 

Joining him in this important effort are his wife, Sister Felicia [Rochester City School District Teacher (RCSD)], and their two sons and two daughters.

Minister Clifford is very active in community outreach, particularly in the areas of evangelism, youth development, school reform, parental involvement, feeding the hungry, and other issues that affect the well-being of families. He has served as the President of the Rochester City School District Parent Council, continues to be very active in RCSD affairs, and is a member of several civic organizations. He presently serves as the Chairman of Community Advocates for Educational Excellence (CAFEE).

Complementing the above, Minister Clifford exhibits an admirable zeal for doing the work of a pastor. He has answered the calls of several local and out-of-state Churches of Christ to bring a keynote message during their gospel meetings, workshops, conferences, and other church events.

In addition to being very involved in family affairs, in his role as CCOC Associate Minister, in the community at large, and within the Christian network, Minister Clifford also hosts Central's radio broadcast, "The Way of Truth." He has been involved with this very popular radio program for over twenty years. The program can be heard over the WDKX 103.9 FM Station every Sunday at 8:00 AM.

Through his radio program, Minister Clifford has spiritually touched the lives of thousands, bringing them the "Good News," expanding their knowledge of the Bible, offering prayers and petitions for others, and expounding on spiritual questions of the day. He reminds his audience "It is better to have God and not need Him than to need Him and not have Him." At the end of the hour, he bids all to hear, believe, and obey the Word of God!  Tune in to "The Way of Truth."

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The Late Senior Minister
Franklin D. R. Florence, I.

Central Church of Christ
August 8, 1970

Clifford A. Florence, Sr.

Media Evangelist

Over 40 Yrs. of Devoted Service